Friday Handcraft Group

Tutor: Elizabeth Durman

Do you need advice to help with some unfinished craft work, or would you like to start a new project?

My aim is to encourage students to practice their skills in traditional handcraft. Some are still practicing the lessons learned years ago, and a few wish to learn a new aspect. We have had a couple of memorable successes with students who did not have the opportunity to gain this type of knowledge earlier in life.

It is not possible to plan ahead with this type of group for they will all move at different paces.

There are many types of these crafts ranging from knitting and crochet to embroidery and patchwork. Students have an opportunity to showcase their completed work each year at the School’s annual Art & Craft Exhibition.

I have a fair knowledge of many crafts, and a good library of designs.

For example I was recently asked by a student (who is not enrolled in my class) if I had a pattern for knitted mittens. I spent some time during the next week searching for and copying the pattern she needed. My reward was her smiling thanks.

Before joining TSFS more than 15 years ago, over the years and in many situations I have knitted and done dressmaking for family and outsiders. However at this time of life, I feel that the students would like to produce some fine works of craft not from necessity but for their own satisfaction and for family and friends to treasure.

My speciality at TSFS has been cross stitch which I have taught during several Summer and Winter Schools. For those classes I provided at low cost kits with which the students could work small pictures suitable for framing or for cards. I encourage individuality and imagination, and students initially had to chose from different designs and different colourways, not to merely copy another person’s design from a pattern.

Please do not assess these classes on the amount of ‘chatter’ which goes on because everyone can have input. Some have a wider knowledge of, say, woollen crochet, or of knitting and can help someone else who has come across a problem. There is much exchange of knowledge within the group.

Please note that I am not saying” ladies” although I have mainly had female students.

One gentleman achieved a spectacular quilt for his mother and also made small embroideries to be mounted in cards..

Another memorable gentleman lost the specialised needle I had supplied. He amazed me by telling how he chose a sharper one from his late wife’s workbox, and filed it down in his workshop to produce a cross stitch one. That dear man came to me later to ask for an extra kit so that he could give each of his two granddaughters an example of his work.

I would encourage people from different backgrounds to participate and bring other traditional crafts to our table.

Craft classes surely show the importance and development of Companionship Through Learning.

Please bring along some materials and ideas for your first session. Don’t forget your reading glasses, needle and scissors. 

Suitable for: All welcome

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