Mindfulness Meditation

Tutor: Doreen Boss

Meditation is a state of deep relaxation of the body and mind which produces a different level of consciousness than either sleep or wakefulness. It has numerous benefits physically, mentally and emotionally which is why, nowadays, it is being taught in pain-control and cancer clinics as well as in schools, primary and secondary.

It is practised by most religions in the world. However, I choose to teach various methods of meditating from a non-religious viewpoint so that it is suitable for anyone from any cultural or religious background. 

Some of the benefits for seniors are: reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, improving memory and concentration, boosting the immune system, improving relationships - to mention only a few. In summary, it enhances well-being, reduces stress and puts day-to-day life into perspective.

Each class consists of relaxation and focusing techniques, group discussion, breathing exercises and a guided relaxation and meditation. There is no pre-requisite other than an open mind - this is a skill that will stand you in good stead with regular practise.

Suitable for: All welcome

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