Watercolour (Jeanne)

Tutor: Jeanne McWhirter

This course will cater for the complete beginner to the more advanced student, with ongoing tips and techniques to further advance your skills. This is a fun, casual, learning experience, with other students of all levels but the same goals. We never stop learning and we learn from, and encourage each other.

Advantages of watercolour painting? It is clean. It dries fast. It is beautifully translucent. It is versatile and it is cheap – after all it is mostly water.

Things to be covered in this course are…

  • Watercolour from the beginning for any new students. Covering all areas from best materials to use to give best and more lasting results, to the finished picture, including…
  • Primary colours, how to mix and amounts of water to use to lighten, mixing greens, painting without black or white.
  • Brush strokes made by round or flat brushes.
  • Planning and drawing the picture, minimising detail, tonal contrasts, light source and its effects, basic perspective.
  • Washes – flat, graduated, wet into wet, wet onto dry, dry brush work.
  • Hard, soft and lost edges.
  • Use of masking fluid, wax crayon, salt, watercolour pencil and ink.
  • Pen and wash, shading.
  • Painting white on white.
  • Observing water and glass and flower stems in different shape vases.
  • Painting landscapes from your own photos, still life and floral.

I want your paintings to be uniquely yours, in a style you develop over time and you have put a bit of yourself into.

Continuing students will have some set work each term, or can work on their own paintings with guidance when needed.

Students are required to bring materials to class. Please don’t purchase inferior quality materials, as the end results also will be inferior quality.

Materials list available.

Suitable for: All skill levels

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